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Pre-order DARK MOON Official Merch (pre-made products only)

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DARK MOON official merch will be available for pre-order (pre-made products only) from Wed. January 24, 2024.

Check out the details below.

Pre-order DARK MOON Official Merch (pre-made products only)

* Availability and Shipping (KST)

- Pre-order: Wed. January 24, 2024, 11:00 AM - until sold out

- Shipping: Begins on Tue. January 30, 2024 (global shipping available)

※ This product is sold on a pre-order basis. Please make sure to check the shipping start date.

※ The available official merch has been pre-made in limited quantity and may go out of stock early.

* Merch Details

- You can view the list of official merch and details from the category.

* Special Gift Event 🎁

- Event Period: Wed. January 24, 2024, 11:00 AM - until photocards are no longer available

- All customers who purchase a new DARK MOON official merch product (COLLECTION BOOK or PIN BADGE SET) will get 1 unreleased character photocard (random 1 out of 7 versions).

- The special gifts may go out of stock early due to limited quantity.

- The maximum number of random photocards you can get for each order is 40.

- The special gifts will be shipped together with your purchases after Tue. January 30, 2024.

* Please Note

- You can purchase up to 5 per account.

- This merch is sold on a consignment basis, thus it cannot be shipped together with other products.

- You must complete your payment during the event period in order to participate in the event.

- The special gifts cannot be exchanged for other products.

- This event is subject to change and cancellation without prior notice.

* Payment Information

- You can pay by debit and credit cards, or with PayPal, Eximbay, Payco, Toss, NAVER Pay, Kakao Pay, or Weverse Card.

- If you add Toss, NAVER Pay, or Kakao Pay to payment methods, you can use the balance on your preferred payment option to pay, without having to use a credit card.

- If your default currency is set to USD or JPY, you can pay via PayPal or Eximbay using international credit cards or Alipay.

* Important for Customers in South Korea

- If you are ordering from South Korea, please enter the complete shipping address in Korean. Entering a South Korean address in English may lead to delayed or failed delivery as the couriers may not accept the address or have difficulty in processing the delivery.

* Important for International Customers

- If you are ordering from Japan, please enter the complete shipping address in Japanese.

- If you are ordering from countries/regions other than South Korea or Japan, please enter the complete shipping address and the recipient's name in English. In the case where the address and the name contain characters with accent symbols such as é, ç, œ, í, ø, ß, ü, and ñ, please eliminate the symbols.

- Please note that if you place multiple orders to a single address, your orders may be subject to the customs laws of the recipient country, such as the imposition of import tariffs or being held at customs. You are responsible for paying the import tariffs imposed on bulk purchases you make.

※ Please note that entering inaccurate addresses may cause delayed or failed deliveries. If products are lost in transit due to the incorrect address you entered, we will not ship additional products to compensate for the loss, especially for products manufactured in limited quantities. Please double-check your address when you place your order.

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