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【イベント応募用】3形態セット[The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE]


【イベント応募用】3形態セット[The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE] 0 shot

【イベント応募用】3形態セット[The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE]


Weverse Shop Cash ¥60
Purchase Notice
This is a product for applying for a selfie photo card present.
*Please note that the application lottery ticket with serial number is not applicable.
application period
【First】June 2, 2021 (Wednesday) 10:00~June 6, 2021 (Sunday)
Winning announcement: June 8th (Tue) around 18:00 
[2nd] Monday, June 7, 2021 00:00-Thursday, June 10, 2021 23:59
Winning announcement: June 12 (Sat) around 18:00
Applications will be accepted upon purchase of the target product.
Customers who have completed the reservation and payment of the target product during the application lottery period are eligible for the lottery.
Winners will only be notified of the announcement.
※Products will be delivered sequentially from June 8th (Tuesday.


【イベント応募用】3形態セット[The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE] 0 detail【イベント応募用】3形態セット[The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE] 1 detail【イベント応募用】3形態セット[The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE] 2 detail


商品名 Product name
3形態セット[The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE]
サイズ Size (mm)
1. PHOTO BOOK:W 160mm x H 230mm(88ページ) ※各形態別 2. CD:W 120mm x H 120mm ※各形態別 3. STICKER PACK:W 100mm x H 140mm ※各形態共通 2種 4. LYRIC BOOK: W 150mm x H 190mm ※各形態別 5. BEHIND BOOK:W 82mm x H 120mm (32 ページ) ※各形態別 6. PHOTOCARD:W 55mm x H 85mm ※各形態別(5種のうちランダム1種) 7. OS PHOTOCARD (ORIGINAL STORY PHOTOCARD):W 54mm x H 86mm ※各形態共通(5種のうちランダム1種) 8. POSTER:W 440mm x H 600mm ※各形態別 9. POSTCARD:W 160mm x H 230mm ※各形態別(5種のうちランダム1種) 10. LIMITED PHOTO TICKET**(500枚限定直筆サイン入り) ※各形態別:W 80mm x H 150mm ※裏面にメンバー直筆サインが各形態別500枚限定で入っております。
製造元 Manufacturer
原産国 Country of manufacture
商品内容 Product Componant

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